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The region is internationally known for its popular hot water thermal lake and baths in all seasons, and for its Balaton beach festivals. But it has more to offer. The numerous baroque castles and the ruins of several fortresses lead us back to the historical past. Kids don't get bored either, slides, adventure parks and bike rides are fun for adults and kids alike. Nature lovers will find a home in the woods, and by strolling through the Zala hills they can discover a rich and diverse fauna and flora. There is a Zen atmosphere in the air, a yoga center is the next door, and the stupa and meditation center of Zalaszántó are just a jump. Volcanic soil and the sub-Mediterranean climate make the cultivation of grape possible, Hungary is a wine region. Discover the programs or ask and we'll help you...

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Vindornyalak - Sadhana Yoga and Recreation Center
vindornyalak sadhana

The Sadhana Yoga and Recreation Center is next door to our guest house, which is approx. two hundred meters from the same street. Yoga classes are available on request or you can rent a yoga room. We can accommodate 20 people in the village. Featuring a barbecue, a terrace and a Jacuzzi, Sadhana is an accommodation where you can stay even in a yurt.

vlak sadhana vlak sadhana vlak sadhana vlak sadhana vlak sadhana vlak sadhana
Vindornyalak and Zalaszántó villages

Vindornyalak and Zalaszántó are 3 km from each other, which are connected by a mountain projection from the north, and by a more than 10000 apple orchards along a road from east to west. In Vindornyalak, the Hertelendy mansion (today the municipal building) and the church next to it adorn the image of the village, and a "1000-year-old" black poplar tree to the south on the Vindornya marsh (one of the largest trees in Hungary). The Hertelendy mansion has a large hall for conferences, meetings and courses, and the village has accommodation for about 20 people. Zalaszántó is also rich in attractions: St. Donat's Chapel, Roman Catholic Parish Church, Kotsy Watermill, a buddhist stupa with meditation center (or buddhist temple)... and last but not least, the National Blue Hiking Trail in the Balaton Uplands National Park around the two villages.

vlak szántó vlak szántó vlak szántó vlak szántó vlak szántó vlak szántó
Zalaszántó - stupa and meditation center

The Zalaszántó Stupa, one of the largest Buddhist shrines in Europe, was built on the top of the Kovácsi Hill in the middle of a forest clearing in 1992 and today only this shrine contains an original Buddha relic on this continent. The building is 30 meters high and 24 meters wide. Bop Jon (originally known as Gin Suu Lí), a South Korean buddhist monk had the idea of its built, and the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso himself inaugurated it on June 17, 1993. Alongside the stupa, the Milarepa Meditation Center, a pagoda-like building which serves for a buddhist temple, was opened in 2014 and is also free to visit. It is about 4 km hiking distance from the guesthouse through field and forest, 5 km by car.

stupa stupa stupa stupa stupa stupa
Ruins of the Rezi and Tátika fortresses

Rezi Castle is located on the 448 m high dolomite ridge of the Meleg Hill. The castle was probably built after the Tartar invasion (13th century) under the reign of Charles Robert. The castle can be seen from our garden and it is 6 km from the guesthouse by foot. Take care, the final section is steep. Drive about 15 km by car as you have to make a detour from Rezi. It is only recommended in dry weather, but the last 4 km is a dirt road where your car is guaranteed to be dusty.

Presumably before the Tartar invasion, it means that before 1241, another castle has existed called Lower Tatika castle on one of the steep slopes of the Castle Hill, which its owner, Archduke Zlaudus did not consider safe enough, so he erected a new stone castle at the top of the same hill. The under reconstruction Tatika Castle stands on one of the peaks of the Keszthely Hills, on 413 meters high. The castle is 9 km from the guesthouse on foot and by car.

rezi tatika rezi tatika rezi tatika rezi tatika
Hévíz - hot water thermal lake

Hévíz is located in Zala County, 5 km from Lake Balaton. Known for its natural lake, which is a volcanic afterlife, fed by hot and cold springs. It is the world's largest natural, biologically active, hot water lake and has a curative effect on rheumatic and motor musculoskeletal disorders. The lake is 14 km from Fekete Kutya.

héviz héviz héviz héviz
Keszthely - Festetics baroque palace
Festetics Castle

Construction of the Baroque-style Festetics Palace dates back to the mid-18th century, but it did not reach its final form until after a major rebuild and expansion in the 1880s. The sight hosts several cultural events each year. It has its own congress center and theater. 17 km from the guesthouse.

Festetics castle Festetics castle Festetics castle Festetics castle
Balaton - plages
Balaton beaches

Gyenesdiás mainly offers children-friendly beaches full of activities, while Balatonberény has a more traditional beach and a naturist beach. In Keszthely you can discover a beach in the natural surroundings that is less common around Lake Balaton today. The southern free beach of Keszthely will be turned into a doggy beach until May 2020. The dogs' beach and the shore of Gyenesdas are 21 km, the naturist beach of Balatonberény is 30 km from Vindornyalak.

gydias lido strand gydias játékstrand gydias játékstrand gydias játékstrand bb plage municipale bb plage naturiste
Kehidakustány - aquapark & thermal bath

Kehidakustány is 9 km from Hévíz in the Zala Valley. Has 13 pools: Indoor spa and indoor adventure pool with rolling pool section and special 94m long slide, outdoor openair adventure pool linked to indoor adventure pool, reed roof bath, wave bath, large cold pool, octagonal pool, large children's pool, , 8 m deep swimming pool, 1.5 m deep learning pool. Water temperature in the pools: 28-38 C. 21 km from our accommodation.

kehida kehida kehida kehida
Zalacsány - Batthyány castle hotel for wellness and activities
Batthyany castle

Castle hotel and park services: billiards; night bathing, restaurant à la carte, diet and vegetarian cuisine; fitness room; hairdressing, manicure, pedicure; footgolf, miniature golf; golf, golf discount for the castle hotel guests at the Zala Springs golf course, adjacent to the hotel where you will find a golf cours with 18-hole, suitable also for international competitions; jacuzzi; game room; playground; bike rental; cleopatra's salon in an exclusive setting with aroma baths and romantic atmosphere; conference room; indoor and outdoor pool; massage; programmes; salt room; sauna, sauna seance, steam cabin; solarium; tennis; cake order; charging station for electric bicycles; water aerobics; water chess. 25 km from Fekete Kutya.

csany csany csany csany csany csany
Sümeg - Sümeg Castle
Sümeg castle

With the redeemed ticket you can visit: lift bridge at the inner gate tower, infantries room, prison exhibition, bishop's reception and council room, bishop's bedroom, castle chapel, barn shop, blacksmith's shop, spice and rose gardens, bakery with Hungarian specilities (kürtös kalacs), medieval kitchen - pantry, castle mockup, stone storage, projection room with films, cannons, guns, archery, children's toys in the courtyard, gift shop, wine bar. In addition to these, the castle also includes the Historical Adventure Park, the Castle Restaurant, the stables, the petting zoo, the Great Knight Hall and the Knight Arena. Events every year: Historical Riding Games - Medieval Feasts. 16 km from our guesthouse.

Tapolca - cave lake
Tapolca cave lake

In January 2015, through an EU grant, a new facility was added to the diverse tourist offer of the Balaton Uplands National Park. Above the already open and boating lake cave, a visitor center has opened its doors, which together with the cave forms a tourist complex. An exhibition of the wonderful world of the karst regions is located in the entrance hall. The special interests of 10 halls guide us to the world of mysterious caves. A crawling cave is waiting for the children, while the adults' perceptive ability is being tested by a "stone touch". Prehistoric paintings give you a glimpse into the wildlife of past eras. With the help of 3D photos and film, we are on our own underground exploration. Rooms, attractions: stalactite hall, diving hall, bat hall, geopark hall, archaeological hall, ancient karstic hall, 3D projection hall, boating, playground, climbing wall. 23 km from the guesthouse.

tapolca tapolca tapolca tapolca
Szigliget - fortress
Szigliget fortress

One of the most visited and well-known castles in Hungary, Szigliget Castle, on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, has a 750-year history. Wherever we approach Szigliget, the old castle opens up before us. Szigliget Castle is one of the few castles that never carried the Ottoman sovereign badges on its towers in Turkish times. Its brave soldiers have maintained their independence for 150 years. Only the Habsburg hate destroyed it, blasting its walls. A trip, a hearty walk for the beautiful panorama, a light summer concert ... and many more things are waiting for the visitors. 26 km from the guest house.

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