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Fekete  Kutya


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There's still something new under the Sun ...

Everything on this Earth is in move, there is no constant state. The same applies to us too.

Before – After


6th November 2015 - 6th November 2019

Four years. Renovation or new constraction ?

There are not so many things have left. Canopies only, exterior coloring, fencing around half acre, sidewalk concreting, friezes, bathtub wall, lot of lamps, curtain rails, curtains, mosquito nets, rugs, one more bed, shelves, household utensils, fruit trees, ornamental bushes, exterior wooden keg for hot bath, pool, helicopter landing and the entire third building, which are still missing or must be done. I think the retirement years will be busy too ...

About the village


Streets, houses, trees of Vindornyalak... where the wind brought us.