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Fekete  Kutya


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Circular Hiking Trail

  • Point 1 is the Fekete Kutya guesthouse.
  • Point 2 is the inhabited Szőlő hill of Vindornyaszőlős.
  • Point 3 is the beginning of the Tanösvény (means Educational trail) next to the basalt mine.
  • Point 5 is the Bazalt Street.
  • Point 7 is the Hollókő lookout with a panorama of the basin of Vindornyalak.
  • Point 9 is the lower parking lot of the stupa, from the forest side.
  • Point 10 is the stupa.
  • Between points 11-13. is the inhabited Derék hill of Zalaszántó.
  • It only marks a path up to point 13 and counts until then, from there point 14 is the field between the forest and Vindornyalak (refering to the map shown in the picture. On the online map points 13 and 14 are at the same point ). From point 13, a grassy, car-wide road leads all the way to the end of Vindornyalak Dòzsa Street. By clicking on the online map, you can zoom in on the route, and the names of the points are also visible (if any).

The map of the hiking trail: